Major Headlines in South Korean Newspapers on December 9, 2023

Seoul, South Korea - The top headlines in major South Korean newspapers on December 9, 2023, covered a range of topics from judicial appointments to political developments and economic news.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kyunghyang Shinmun reported that Cho Hee-dae's nomination as the Supreme Court Chief Justice was approved.

Kookmin Daily highlighted a significant change in policy where teachers will no longer be punished for child abuse when enforcing proper discipline.

Donga Ilbo focused on the end of a 75-day leadership vacuum at the Supreme Court.

Segye Times reported on a new political party pushed by three influential figures emerging as a potential variable in the general elections.

Chosun Ilbo noted that the empty Supreme Court Chief Justice seat was finally filled after 74 days.

JoongAng Ilbo covered a poll finding that a majority of moderates prefer opposition candidates to win in the general elections.

Hankyoreh discussed how a new party could potentially shake up the political landscape ahead of the general elections.

Hankook Ilbo reported on South Korea's current account surplus reaching US$6.8 billion in October.

Maeil Business Newspaper focused on the hospitality sector, noting that hotels and condos are planning to hire more foreigners amid a labor shortage.

Korea Economic Daily reported on Hanwha's significant export deal, securing a 3.2 trillion-won contract to export the Redback armored vehicle to Australia.

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