He pointed out that it has rewritten the history of South Korea's film sector, born a century ago, and that of the Academy Awards as well.

"Parasite" was excellent enough to collapse the barrier as a non English movie, so even the Oscars had no other choice but to recognize it, according to the president.

Its Oscar success has also given South Korean people a lot of pride and encouragement as they are suffering difficulties due to COVID 19, he added.

It has proven to the world that South Korea's culture is not marginal on the global stage any more as also shown in the global popularity of BTS and other K pop celebrities, Moon noted.

In response, Bong quipped he was thrown into a "pot of shock" listening to the president's "lengthy remarks" right next to him.

On the menu, meanwhile, was the "Jjapaguri (Ram dong)" dish, which was made well known globally due to Bong's movie.

Source: Yonhap News Agency