SEOUL, Any economic or growth strategy must actually improve people's daily lives for it to gain enough public support for its continuation and further development, President Moon Jae-in said Thursday, calling for efforts to put the outcome of his administration's income and innovation-led growth strategies into practice.

In a meeting with some 80 government officials and local business leaders to check the progress of his new growth policies, the president insisted government efforts may be beginning to bear fruit, noting the number of new startups reached a record high of over 10,000 in January.

"The number increased 57 percent from the same month last year on increased investment in new venture firms. The number of electric vehicles purchased also more than doubled, while the number of businesses engaged in solar energy and drones also increased greatly," Moon told the meeting at a new science research and development center in Seoul.

"However, we are still short of visible achievements that the people can actually feel. It seems as though we are walking while our competitors in the global market are running," he said, according to pool reports. "Therefore, I wish to once again stress that what is more important than anything else is the speed.

"An innovation-growth boom can happen when the people can see and feel the progress," Moon added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency