Multiple Participants in 2023 World Scout Jamboree Apply for Asylum in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea — Several scouts who attended the 2023 World Scout Jamboree in South Korea have applied for refugee status, sources disclosed on Thursday.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the applicants include both underage participants and adults, who filed for refugee status upon their arrival in South Korea for the event. The sources stated that these individuals recently participated in an education program for refugee applicants organized by the justice ministry's immigration support center.

This year's World Scout Jamboree, which was held from August 1-12 in Saemangeum, a reclaimed land area in southwestern South Korea, attracted around 43,000 scouts and scout leaders from 158 countries.

A justice ministry official confirmed that some participants had applied for asylum but did not disclose the exact number or their nationalities. The government will make a decision following the necessary screenings.

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