N.K. propaganda outlet decries Yoon’s N.K. human rights policies

SEOUL– A North Korean propaganda outlet on Sunday lashed out at the Yoon Suk-yeol administration’s policy measures to improve North Korea’s human rights, calling them a move to foment inter-Korean confrontation.

Ryomyong, the propaganda website, took issue with a series of Seoul’s policy moves, including the recent appointment of Lee Shin-wha, a Korea University professor, as an ambassador on the North’s rights issue.

In a post under the name of an official at the National Reconciliation Council, the website said the South’s “human rights farce is an unbearable insult to our people and a grave political provocation to our republic.”

Claiming South Korean people’s lives have been worsening, the website said it is reasonable for the South to improve its own issues at home.

Meanwhile, Tongil Sinbo, a North Korean weekly, has denounced the plan by the South and the United States to conduct their regular summertime training, called Ulchi Freedom Shield, from Aug. 22-Sept. 1.

The weekly called the training a “demonstration for a war of invasion,” saying it is an “unacceptable challenge.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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