North Korea has been trying to collect intelligence on key infrastructure and facilities in South Korea, a ruling party lawmaker said Wednesday, adding to concerns in the South about possible terror attacks from the North.

"More circumstances reveal that (North Korea) collects intelligence about key facilities in our country," Lee Chul-woo of the ruling Saenuri Party told reporters.

He made the comments at the National Assembly as he made the case for the parliamentary approval of an anti-terrorism bill and a cyber terrorism prevention bill.

He said the North's move began after its leader Kim Jong-un ordered officials to concentrate on their capabilities for terror attacks and cyberattacks on South Korea.

South Korea has thwarted North Korea's constant hacking attempts at airports, the operator of the country's nuclear power plants and other facilities, the intelligence official-turned-lawmaker said.

North Korea has a track record of waging cyberattacks against the South in recent years.

North Korea launched a cyberattack against South Korea in July 2009, two months after its second nuclear test. It also hacked South Korean media organizations in March 2013, a month after its third nuclear test.

North Korea carried out its fourth nuclear test and launched a long-range rocket in recent weeks.

Still, North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong has recently reaffirmed Pyongyang's "consistent stand opposing all forms of terrorism" according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Source: Agency