Spring National Conference, organized by AIESEC Azerbaijan under sponsorship of Nar, has successfully been completed.

Spring conference, which is one of the main projects carried out by AIESEC Azerbaijan, was held in Jalilabad Olympic Center on March 21-24, 2016.

The large-scale event, attended by over 100 participants, was of great importance in terms of exchange of experience.

During the meeting, various reports were carried out, the projects and priorities for the next 6 months were discussed, exchange of views were conducted on summer exchange program, different messages of gratitude as well as gifts presented to the most active members.

New AIESEC Azerbaijan members were provided with detailed information about the organization's role in the community, shared values and effective team spirit as well as the works carried out not only among the youth of the capital, but also of the regions and challenges ahead in 2016.

Supporting youth and education, Nar pays great attention to the various communication platforms. Remaining loyal to the principles of corporate social responsibility, the mobile operator has made one more successful initiative by supporting this prestigious event.

Source: Trend