The National Assembly held a ceremony on April 10 to mark the centennial of the ROK's Provisional Assembly.

The event kicked off in the Main Building with an unveiling of two artworks commemorating the Provisional Assembly. Hanging upon a wall in the central hall were a calligraphy work of the Provisional Charter, drawn up by the Assembly, and the oldest known photo of the provisional legislature, taken at its sixth convocation.

After the salute to the national flag and singing of the national anthem, performances were held, including a re-enactment of the Provisional Assembly and a reading of the Provisional Charter. In the former, actors re-enacted a scene from the Provisional Assembly's first session, held on April 10, 1919. Then, the ten articles of the Charter were read by descendants of Provisional Assembly members, including Ms. Lee Gyeong-hui, a granddaughter of the first speaker, Mr. Lee Dong-nyeong; Ms. Kim Bok-saeng, granddaughter of Mr. Kim Dong-sam; and Member of the 14th National Assembly Lee Jong-chan and incumbent Assembly Member Lee Jong-kul, grandsons of Mr. Lee Hoe-yeong.

At the ceremony, Ms. Hong Chang-hyu, a granddaughter-in-law of the third Speaker of the Provisional Assembly Hong Jin, handed the official seal of the Provisional Assembly, which she has donated to the National Assembly, to Speaker Moon Hee-sang, who in turn presented her with an appreciation plaque. The seal had been used on official legislative documents, effectively serving as the state seal of the ROK from the day the Provisional Assembly opened until August 22, 1945, one week after the country was liberated from Japan.

Various cultural performances were staged as well, including the children's folk song choir Sanyuhwa singing Korean folk songs Hanobaengnyeon and Arirang; and the vocalist group Contempo Divo singing songs from the musical Hero.

The ceremony was attended by the heads of the five government bodies�National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Kim Myeong-su, President of the Constitutional Court of Korea Yoo Sam-seok, Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon, and Chairman of the National Election Commission Kwon Soon-il. Also attending were leaders of political parties, National Assembly members, former National Assembly speakers, ambassadors to the ROK, members of the ROK Parliamentarians' Society and the association of the Constituent Assembly members' families, and descendants of independence activists who had participated in the Provisional Assembly, including Speaker Hong Jin's family.

Source: The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea