Navy SEAL-turned-YouTuber says he is conducting secret direct offensive operations in Ukraine

SEOUL-- Navy SEAL-turned-YouTuber Rhee Keun, who left for Ukraine to join the war against Russia, claimed Wednesday his special combat team is conducting confidential direct offensive operations in the country.

Rhee, a former South Korean Navy special warfare officer, left for Ukraine in early March to join the war against Russia, without government authorization. South Korea has prohibited its citizens from traveling to the country since mid-February.

"After I arrived at the International Legion and signed my contract, I was tasked with creating a special team of multinational combat veterans," Rhee said via an Instagram feed.

"My team was then given assignments that are confidential ... We have since yesterday been redeployed and are conducting direct offensive operations," the YouTuber said, adding he cannot disclose further details for security reasons.

In a photo he uploaded, Rhee, in a combat suit, was sitting inside a battered building, holding a rifle.

"I have the full backing of my superiors, the Armed Forces, and the Ukrainian people. I know that all are very grateful for the work that the international legionnaires are doing here," he said, adding that the Instagram post was cleared and authorized by the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine

In response to a text message from Yonhap News Agency seeking to verify Rhee's claim, Damien Magrou, a spokesperson for the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine, confirmed that the posting was discussed with the legion before being uploaded.

Source: Yonhap News Agency