Nmixx Unveils New EP Emphasizing Unique ‘Nmixx Pop’ Style

SEOUL — K-pop girl group Nmixx is set to release a new EP, emphasizing their distinctive 'nmixx pop' style, a blend of multiple genres within a single song. The group's latest EP, titled "Fe304: Break," showcases this unique approach, which has become a hallmark of their music.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the lead track of the EP, "Dash," exemplifies their 'nmixx pop' style. It is described as a fusion of old-school hip-hop and pop funk, emphasizing the strength of their genre-mixing approach. The EP, scheduled for release on Monday, features seven songs, including "Dash" and the previously released track "Sonar (Breaker)."

The members shared their enthusiasm for the main track, noting their unanimous agreement on its quality. Haewon remarked on the satisfying nature of the song, while Jiwoo expressed strong belief in it. Lily highlighted the song's ability to bring fresh and new feelings with its shifting melodies and rhythms, reminiscent of 2000s R&B vibes.

"Fe304: Break" is Nmixx's first release following their third single, "A Midsummer Nmixx's Dream," released in July. The album's title, "Fe304," references the chemical symbol for magnetic substances, symbolizing the group's aim to attract more K-pop fans. The album starts a new chapter in their narrative, with the band members embarking on a journey towards 'mixxtopia,' a utopian world where dreams and wishes are fulfilled.

The album's theme revolves around the group's quest to reach 'mixxtopia' and their experiences in the real world. Haewon explained a music video scene where their ship is damaged, delaying their journey and leading them to reside temporarily in a world called 'field.' Sullyoon elaborated on the album's depiction of initial challenges and the group's determination to challenge real-world practices.

Celebrating their upcoming second debut anniversary, the members reflected on their journey. Bae expressed gratitude towards their fans for the support over the past two years and looked forward to creating more memories. Gyujin discussed her personal growth, emphasizing the group's exploration of diverse music genres and styles. She also expressed a desire to become more comfortable and relaxed on stage.

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