North Korea Claims Its Spy Satellite Captured Images of U.S. Military Installations

SEOUL – North Korea has claimed that its recently launched military spy satellite captured images of major target regions in South Korea and parts of Hawaii, including U.S. military installations. This assertion was made by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his visit to the Pyongyang General Control Center of the National Aerospace Technology Administration (NATA) on Friday, as reported by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kim Jong-un reviewed aerospace photos taken by the spy satellite, which included images of key areas in both South and North Korea, as well as U.S. Army bases located in South Korea. The satellite reportedly passed over the Korean Peninsula from 10:15-10:27 a.m. on Friday. Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, the largest overseas U.S. military installation, along with other U.S. bases in Gunsan and Osan, were among the areas photographed.

While North Korea has not released any of the satellite images, confirmation of such imagery could serve as evidence of the satellite’s operational capabilities in orbit. NATA informed Kim about the fine-tuning process of the satellite post-launch and its plans for photographing regions labeled as controlled by South Korean "puppets."

In a subsequent report, KCNA stated that Kim revisited NATA to inspect satellite imagery of additional major target areas in South Korea, including Jinhae, Busan, Ulsan, Pohang, Daegu, and Gangneung, taken between 9:59:40 and 10:02:10 a.m. Notably, the North claimed to have captured images of the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, docked at a naval base in Busan.

Additionally, Kim Jong-un reportedly examined photos of the naval base in Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Base in Honolulu as the spy satellite passed over Hawaii at 5:13 a.m. Pyongyang time.

This development represents a significant claim by North Korea, suggesting advancements in its military surveillance capabilities. However, the lack of released photos by the state media leaves the veracity of these claims unconfirmed.

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