North Korea Initiates Dismantling of Inter-Korean Agencies

Pyongyang, North Korea - North Korea has started discussions to dismantle agencies responsible for inter-Korean relations, as reported by state media on Monday. This move follows the declaration by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that seeking reconciliation and unification with South Korea is futile.

According to Yonhap News Agency, North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui led the discussions. Participants included Ri Son-gwon, head of the United Front Department (UFD), which manages relations with South Korea. The KCNA reported that Choe convened a meeting on January 1 to implement tasks aimed at dismantling and restructuring organizations involved in South Korean affairs and modifying the fundamental principles and strategies of their operations.

The decision aligns with Kim Jong-un's remarks at the conclusion of a recent key Workers' Party meeting. Kim emphasized the necessity of "readjusting and reforming" entities handling inter-Korean affairs, including the UFD. He proposed a significant shift in the approach and objectives of these agencies. Furthermore, Kim redefined the relationship with South Korea as antagonistic, describing the two nations as "two states hostile to each other." He urged increased preparations for potential actions against the entire territory of South Korea and criticized the perception of South Korea as a partner in reconciliation and reunification.

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