North Korean Delegations Visit Russia to Expand Bilateral Cooperation

SEOUL - Delegations from North Korea led by government officials responsible for technology, fisheries, and sports have traveled to Russia, signaling an expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. The visit encompasses participation in various forums and discussions aimed at enhancing collaboration in these sectors.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the delegation, including Information and Trade Minister Ju Yong-il, departed Pyongyang on Monday for a global IT forum in Moscow, focusing on "digital sovereignty as the basis for long-term international cooperation." Additionally, Vice Fisheries Minister Son Song-kuk led a team to Russia to explore advancements in bilateral fisheries cooperation. Vice Sports Minister O Kwang-hyok's visit aims to finalize a sports exchange protocol for 2024 between North Korea and Russia. These visits follow a recent trip by North Korean ruling party officials to Russia, underscoring the deepening ties post the summit between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin. These exchanges come amid suspicions of North Korea providing military support to Russia for its activities in Ukraine in return for weapons technology.

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