Olympic Champion An San Exits Early from National Team Trials, Missing Paris Olympics Defense

SEOUL — An San, South Korea's triple Olympic archery champion from the 2021 Summer Olympics, faced an early exit from the 2024 national team trials held in Gwangju, rendering her unable to defend her titles in Paris.

According to Yonhap News Agency, An was eliminated during the midway point of the third stage on Monday, marking a significant moment for the athlete who previously secured gold in the women's individual, women's team, and mixed team events in Tokyo.

The trials, which are crucial for determining the national team's composition for the upcoming season, involved 24 male and 24 female archers, including those who advanced from the first two stages and members of the 2023 national team. An found herself in 21st place after three rounds of the six-round third stage, leading to her elimination. The rigorous selection process will culminate on Thursday, with the top eight archers from each gender securing their spots on the national team. However, for Olympic contention, additional qualification rounds in March and April will further narrow the field to the top three archers from each category.

This year's trials have highlighted the competitive nature of archery in South Korea, with Lim Si-hyeon leading the female archers and notable rankings from Kim Woo-jin, Kim Je-deok, and Oh Jin-hyek in the men's category. An San's unexpected early departure underscores the sport's unpredictability and South Korea's deep talent pool in archery, reminding fans and athletes alike of the relentless challenges in Olympic-level competition.

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