Opposition Leader Lee Jae-myung Resumes Duties, Calls for Cabinet Overhaul

SEOUL - Opposition leader Lee Jae-myung returned to his party responsibilities on Monday, renewing his call for President Yoon Suk Yeol to overhaul the Cabinet completely.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, Lee made these remarks during a party meeting after recovering from a 24-day hunger strike and several weeks of hospital treatment. Lee criticized what he described as a range of government policy failures and said that all Cabinet members should resign for their "incompetence and violent behavior."

Lee also highlighted the Democratic Party's role in improving the lives of the people and committed to winning the upcoming parliamentary elections in April. The DP leader had been absent since Sept. 18, when he was hospitalized due to health deterioration from his extended hunger strike. He has since been recuperating at home.

Despite a recent win in a crucial by-election in Seoul, Lee reiterated his call for unity within the party. Last month, a vote in the DP-controlled National Assembly lifted Lee's immunity from arrest, revealing divisions within the party between lawmakers aligned with Lee and those who are not.

Lee emphasized that debates over the handling of the arrest motion should end and that the focus should be on the people's livelihoods. He currently faces trials on three separate charges, including alleged election law violations during his failed presidential bid in 2022 and two corruption charges related to property development projects during his term as Seongnam mayor.

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