Opposition parties push ahead with parliamentary probe into Itaewon tragedy

SEOUL– Opposition parties approved the schedule and list of witnesses for a parliamentary probe into the Itaewon crowd surge Monday as the ruling People Power Party boycotted the investigation in protest of what it claims is foul play.

The main opposition Democratic Party and two minor parties — the Justice Party and the Basic Income Party — approved the investigation plan that includes two on-site probes, two rounds of reporting sessions by related institutions and three days of hearing.

The ruling PPP stayed away from the special committee in charge of the probe, claiming that the opposition violated an agreement to deal first with the national budget before launching the parliamentary investigation in earnest.

Eighty-nine witnesses were also chosen, including Interior Minister Lee Sang-min and National Police Agency Commissioner General Yoon Hee-keun, as well as Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Yongsan Ward office chief Park Hee-young.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo was not included.

As part of the on-site investigations, the committee members plan to visit Itaewon Police Station, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and Seoul City Hall on Wednesday. On Friday, they plan to visit the Yongsan Ward Office and the Interior Ministry.

Institutions subject to two rounds of reporting sessions include the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, Seoul City Hall, the Yongsan Ward Office, Yongsan Fire Station, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Yongsan Police Station.

The hearings are set for Jan. 2, Jan. 4, and Jan. 6.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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