People Power Party to Appoint Innovation Committee Members Following Appointment of American-Descent Chair Ihn Yohan

SEOUL, - The ruling People Power Party (PPP) is scheduled to appoint members to its newly formed innovation committee today, just four days after the unexpected appointment of Dr. Ihn Yohan, who is of American descent, as its chairperson.

According to a new release by the Yonhap News Agency, political analysts anticipate that the committee will include members representing demographics traditionally less supportive of the PPP, such as residents of capital areas and young moderate voters. This is seen as aligning with Ihn's commitment to fostering national unity and initiating transformative changes within the party.

The formation of the innovation committee began last week as part of the party's efforts to regain public trust after a significant loss in a local by-election in Seoul.

The PPP shocked political circles on Monday with the appointment of Dr. Ihn Yohan, a naturalized citizen, as the chairman of this pivotal committee. Ihn has expressed his commitment to implementing significant changes within the PPP as part of his role.

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