But it has become so intensely infuriating for her, and her veteran manager Marty Walsh, that each of them has staked Pound 10,000 to a Pound 20,000 reward for anyone who wants to prove that she lip syncs when she brings along her boom box with backing tracks.

"I think the reason some people, not many, are even giving this credence is because I often perform with a five-piece band and live musicians so when I go out with pre-recorded backing tracks and vocals people think I must be miming.

"Britney Spears might do, playing in front of tens of thousands of people, it but I certainly don't," she says.

"Actually, I did do it just once for a TV show, in Belfast, four years ago. It just didn't have the set-up for live music," she said.

"It's all around this same little area, the same people complaining, someone is putting it about that I'm not singing and all they have to do is listen, and they'll hear I certainly am."

Surely if she comes out with backing tracks some people will see it as karaoke and even others confuse that with miming, so why not just do an acoustic, or unplugged, set for these smaller venues when you're solo?

"Well, it's not karaoke although I can see why some might say so, it is solo singing using back-up.

"People want the full production values for their favourite songs but aren't prepared to pay for a band and they don't want to hear an acoustic performance. Some of these backing tracks cost up to Pound 50, mind you, some others cost just a few quid," she said.

"I've spoken to Equity and they've told me there is something I can do about it and action I can take but I don't want to do that.

"If anyone has a problem with my singing and thinks I am miming I challenge them to proveit �they will be one hundred per cent wrong."

Source: Irish World