PPP ethics panel launches process for disciplinary action against party chief

SEOUL– The ethics committee of South Korea’s main opposition party said Friday it will take steps to pursue disciplinary action against the party chief over allegations he tried to destroy evidence in an alleged sexual bribery case.

People Power Party (PPP) Chairman Lee Jun-seok has faced allegations that he received sexual favors from a businessperson in 2013, a charge he has denied.

The ethics committee met late Thursday and decided to launch a process for disciplinary action, it said in a press release, citing Lee’s “violation of his duty to maintain his dignity related to allegations of abetting destruction of evidence.”

The allegations are that Lee sent an aide to the person accusing him of sexual bribery to obtain a statement that the claims were false. Lee has countered it was the whistleblower who reached out first to offer to correct the record.

The committee will decide whether to seek disciplinary action after hearing an explanation from Lee.

The types of disciplinary action range from a warning to expulsion from the party.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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