PPP Leader Han Dong-hoon Remains Defiant Amid Resignation Calls Over Election Controversy

SEOUL: Han Dong-hoon, the leader of South Korea's ruling People Power Party (PPP), has affirmed his commitment to his role despite recent reports suggesting that the presidential office and some party members have called for his resignation. The controversy centers around his involvement in the candidate nominations for the upcoming April general elections.

According to Yonhap News Agency, a cable news channel, mainstream members of the PPP have requested Han's resignation due to disagreements over the election nominations. The report further indicated that the presidential office also sees the need for his resignation. In response to these developments, Han conveyed through a text message to reporters his intent to continue in his current role. He stated his commitment to the path he has chosen for the people, indicating no plans to step down from the chairmanship of the PPP's emergency leadership committee.

The controversy arose when Han publicly supported Kim Gyeong-ryul, a member of the PPP's emergency committee, for a parliamentary seat in the Mapo district, western Seoul. This move was criticized by some party members as a bypass of the party's standard election nomination process, labeling it as a "private nomination."

In response to the media reports about Han's potential resignation, the office of President Yoon Suk Yeol clarified that it does not involve itself in such party matters. However, a separate report suggested that President Yoon has withdrawn his support for Han due to the nomination controversy. Han, a former justice minister, is known as one of Yoon's close aides.

A presidential official, speaking to Yonhap News Agency, emphasized President Yoon's strong commitment to fair, transparent, and systematic election nominations. The office of President Yoon also stated on Friday that if the party considers strategically made nominations, they must adhere to certain principles and standards to avoid the appearance of preferential treatment.

The unfolding situation highlights the internal challenges within the PPP and the delicate balance of power and accountability in the party's leadership as it prepares for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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