President Yoon Engages with Labor Council for Sustainable Solutions

SEOUL, South Korea - In a significant move towards addressing labor-management challenges, President Yoon Suk Yeol convened his first meeting with the presidential Economic, Social and Labor Council on Tuesday. During this inaugural session, Yoon urged council members to work towards resolving labor-management disputes with an eye on ensuring a sustainable future for South Korean society.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The meeting, which included a luncheon at the presidential office, followed a plenary council session earlier in the day. This marked the beginning of tripartite discussions among labor representatives, management, and the government under Yoon's administration. The council, a consultation body, is tasked with discussing job and labor policies and fostering the development of labor-management relations.

"Labor-management issues should be viewed as part of a broader discussion on our society's sustainability," Yoon stated, as reported by presidential spokesperson Kim Soo-kyung. He emphasized the importance of approaching these discussions with a collective goal of building a sustainable future, rooted in societal love, future generation consideration, and patriotism. The meeting was attended by key figures including Council Chairman Kim Moon-soo, leaders from the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, Korea Enterprises Federation, as well as the Finance and Labor Ministers, highlighting the administration's commitment to constructive dialogue and resolution of labor issues.

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