SEOUL-- A presidential committee said Wednesday it will hold a collective discussion session next month for the public and private sectors to gather and find consensus on controversial issues surrounding the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

The Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which kicked off last month, said it is still mulling over details regarding the event, including when and where to hold the debate, as well as over what issue and with whom.

"The committee would like to take the role of listening to opposing ideas and drawing a constructive conclusion based on social consensus," Chang Byung-gyu, the head of the committee, said during a press conference held in Seoul, proposing to hold a hackathon style debate.

A hackathon is an event commonly held in the computer programming industry where a large number of people gather to collaboratively make a prototype service in a limited period of time.

Chang said controversy over ride sharing services or the clash between the use of big data and the protection of privacy are some of the issues that could be tackled by the committee.

The Seoul city government recently sought a police investigation against a local car-pool service app for operating 24 hours in violation of the law which bans commercial transport by non-commercial vehicles.

Finding new growth engines through the industrial revolution is one of key policy objectives of the Moon Jae-in administration.

The committee was tasked with finding measures to foster creative ideas and products in the new era fueled by advances in artificial intelligence and information technology.

During its first meeting last month, President Moon Jae-in pledged to expand investment in such sectors as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data, and picked autonomous vehicles, smart factories and drones as leading sectors that will receive government backing.

Its second meeting is slated for Nov. 30.

Source: Yonhap News Agency