Prime Minister Han Duck-soo Reaffirms Commitment to Deter North Korea’s Nuclear Threat While Seeking Dialogue

SEOUL - South Korea's Prime Minister Han Duck-soo reiterated his country's resolve to continue fortifying deterrence against North Korea's nuclear capabilities, while also striving to bring North Korea back to diplomatic discussions.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, Han made these statements at their annual sports event on Sunday.

The Committee for the Five Northern Korean Provinces is a symbolic entity within South Korea, consisting of "governors" who represent provinces situated in North Korea. During the event, Prime Minister Han emphasized that South Korea will strengthen its defensive measures against the nuclear threat from the North. "Based on the strong defense capabilities and the robust South Korea-U.S. alliance, we will secure deterrence against North Korea's nuclear [threat]," Han noted.

In addition to emphasizing defensive strategies, Han expressed criticism toward North Korea for its unwillingness to engage in dialogue and its persistent focus on arms and nuclear activities. "We will resolve inter-Korean issues based on principles and common sense," Han said, highlighting the dual strategy of maintaining strong deterrence while attempting to revive diplomatic communications.

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