PTT Philippines said yesterday there is no adjustment in the price of diesel as it is stable in the global market.

PTT adjusted the price of gasoline products effective 6 a.m. yesterday by 10 centavos. Other competitors raised their prices of diesel and gasoline higher.

"The price movement between last week and the week before it was almost even out. That's why even gasoline (increase) was very minimal at P0.10/liter," the Thailand oil giant said in a statement.

The oil firm said it cannot say when would a rollback or price increase be as like most commodities, oil price is market driven. "It's still wait-and-see for the market if production cut will push through to push prices higher," the oil firm said.

Very recently, the oil firm launched its blue products - the BlueDiesel, BlueGasoline 93+, BlueGasoline 95+ and BlueGasoline 97+.

BlueGasoline 93+ has PTT's advanced formula that cleans the engine and provides extra mileage for your vehicle.

BlueGasoline 95+ has PTT's advanced formula plus "Friction Modifier" technology that cleans engine's injector, nozzles and intake valves, providing better combustion, longer mileage and engine life.

BlueGasoline 97+ is a high performance fuel with powerful octane booster blended with cleaning additives to achieve the engine's maximum capacity.

PTT is a Thai state-owned Stock Exchange of Thailand-listed oil and gas company. It has 96 stations in Luzon and Cebu City at present.

Formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, it owns extensive submarine gas pipelines in the Gulf of Thailand, a network of LPG terminals throughout the kingdom, and is involved in electricity generation, petrochemical products, oil and gas exploration and gasoline retailing businesses.

Source: tribune