Pyongyang dismisses speculation over Hamas’ use of N. Korean weapons against Israel

North Korea on Friday dismissed speculation that the Hamas militant group used North Korean weapons for its surprise attack on Israel as "groundless," accusing the United States of cooking up a false accusation against the North.

In an article carried by North Korea's state-run news agency, Ri Kwang-song, an analyst on international affairs, said the U.S. should be blamed for the Israel-Hamas conflict.

"What cannot be overlooked is that the U.S. is once again sticking to its malicious slander campaign against our republic in a bid to connect us to the latest conflict in the Middle East," Ri was quoted as saying by the Korean Central News Agency.

Radio Free Asia, a Washington-based media outlet, earlier reported on the suspected use of North Korean weapons by Hamas fighters, citing a video shared by the X account War Noir.

It showed one of the fighters holding an F-7 high-explosive fragmentation rocket manufactured in the North, which had been exported to the Middle East in the past.

It remains unclear whether North Korea directly supplied the weapons to Hamas or whether they were provided through transactions involving other countries.

Earlier this week, North Korea condemned Israel for the escalating conflict with Hamas, claiming that it is the "consequence of Israel's ceaseless criminal actions" against the people of Palestine.

Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel during a major Jewish holiday Saturday, and Israel staged retaliatory strikes against it, leaving thousands of people killed or injured on both sides.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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