Ruling Party Lawmaker Bae Hyun-jin Attacked, Injury Not Life-Threatening

SEOUL: Rep. Bae Hyun-jin of the People Power Party was assaulted in Seoul, resulting in a head injury that is not life-threatening, her office reported. The assault took place around 5 p.m. in the Gangnam district when an unidentified male approached and attacked her with a rock. Bae was immediately taken to Soonchunhyang University Hospital for treatment.

According Yonhap News Agency, The assailant, who claimed to be 15 years old, was temporarily detained by police following the incident. Bae, a 40-year-old former television news anchor and first-term National Assembly member, has been a prominent figure in South Korean politics. The recent attack on Bae, occurring just weeks after the stabbing of opposition leader Lee Jae-myung, has heightened concerns over political violence in the country.

Political leaders across the spectrum, including PPP chief Han Dong-hoon and DP spokesperson Han Min-soo, have condemned the attack and called for stringent measures against such acts of political terrorism. Prime Minister Han Duck-soo also emphasized the importance of thoroughly investigating these incidents and ensuring the safety of key political figures, especially in the context of the upcoming general elections.

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