A military delegation from Russia has arrived in the Turkish province of Izmir, the Turkish newspaper 'Yeni Safak' reported March 29.

Members of the delegation are now in a military unit located in the vicinity of the Foca district of the country's Izmir province.

This is the first visit of the Russian military delegation to Turkey since the time of crisis between the two countries.

Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated after Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian SU-24 bomber on Nov. 24, 2015. Turkey said the bomber entered its airspace, while Russia denied its warplane flying into the Turkish skies.

It was earlier reported that Turkey and Russia agreed on the observation flights that were cancelled Feb. 4.

Reportedly, a group of Russian observers were expected to fly over Turkey's territory on Feb. 1-5 under the Open Skies Treaty.

Source: Trend