S. Korea pushes to unveil secret dossiers on key inter-Korean talks

SEOUL– The South Korean government is seeking to reveal historic records on inter-Korean talks that have been kept secret for half a century, an informed source said Wednesday, a move that could offer a chance for the public to get a better glimpse into some watersheds in tumultuous ties between the two Koreas.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Unification set up a guideline to establish a legal basis on disclosing the documents on past inter-Korean talks, and it is currently conducting an internal review, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The dossiers that may be unveiled include those on the 1972 meeting in Pyongyang between then North Korean leader Kim Il-sung and Lee Hu-rak, then head of South Korea’s state intelligence agency. Kim is the North’s founding leader and late grandfather of Kim Jong-un, who is at the helm of the country.

In their historic meeting, the two sides agreed upon the July 4 inter-Korean joint communique, the first agreement signed by South and North Korea since the division of the peninsula.
In accordance with the guideline, the ministry has formed a 10-member panel to review documents and other materials to be revealed first that date back to the period of 1971-91.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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