S. Korean Bond Yields Decline Slightly

SEOUL – South Korea experienced a slight decrease in bond yields on November 28, 2023. According to the latest financial data, the one-year Treasury bond (TB) yield fell from 3.716% to 3.696%, marking a change of -2.0 basis points.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the three-year TB yield also decreased from 3.689% to 3.648%, a reduction of -4.1 basis points. Similarly, the ten-year TB yield saw a decline from 3.767% to 3.726%, also decreasing by -4.1 basis points. The two-year Monetary Stabilization Bond (MSB) experienced a fall of -3.7 basis points, moving from 3.731% to 3.694%. In contrast, the three-year Corporate Bond (CB) rated AA- dropped by -5.1 basis points, from 4.448% to 4.397%. The 91-day Certificate of Deposit (CD) remained stable, maintaining its rate at 3.840%.

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