SEOUL, A South Korean destroyer carrying elite naval troops arrived in waters off Ghana on Sunday on a mission to help rescue three nationals who were kidnapped last month, military sources said.

The South Koreans were abducted in western Africa on March 26 by unidentified forces while working on a fishing ship. Negotiations are reportedly underway for their release.

The Navy on March 28 dispatched the Munmu the Great, a destroyer operating in the Gulf of Aden as part of the anti-piracy Cheonghae Unit.

The 4,400-ton destroyer carries some 30 UDT/SEAL members and is equipped with Lynx multi-role choppers.

In 2011, the Cheonghae Unit successfully carried out a gunfight operation to rescue the South Korean crew of a cargo vessel hijacked by Somali pirates.

Source: Yonhap News Agency