SEOUL– South Korean tech giants showcased their respective high-end TVs at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin, with Samsung Electronics Co. promoting QLED TVs while its smaller local rival LG Electronics Inc. boasted OLED products.

LG Electronics have been promoting OLED TVs which come with improved resolution as each pixel on the screen emits light. Compared to LCD TVs that require backlight, OLEDs are capable of complete blacks and have superior contrast, making them more vivid and sharp.

Samsung, on the other hand, believes quantum-dot, which refers to a semiconductor nanostructure that improves brightness, visibility and power efficiency of displays, as the way of the future. The QLED TVs, however, still require backlight.

Samsung and LG each claim that QLED and OLED technology will become the new standard in the industry for premium televisions going forward.

During the IFA, Samsung showcased the 88-inch edition of its QLED TV, along with a flat edition of the Q8 series, which was previously available in curved-type models.

LG Electronics, which promoted its OLED products at the venue, said the competition in the OLED TV segment has been escalating, with the number of OLED-TV producers participating in the IFA increasing to 13 from last year’s eight.




Source: Yonhap News Agency