S. Korea’s military begins field training amid N.K. threats

SEOUL-- South Korea on Monday kicked off key field training to practice logistical and other operations designed to help troops sustain combat capabilities in a contingency, its military said, amid evolving North Korean security threats.

The five-day joint sustainment support training, involving the Army, Air Force and Navy, came as Seoul is striving to enhance its military readiness amid growing concerns about the possibility of Pyongyang carrying out a nuclear test.

The training took place along the country's west coast, with the armed services installing facilities to provide logistical and personnel support for air, ground and naval operations, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

"In particular, the drills are aimed at overcoming the situation in which logistics lines are restricted for combat units and providing timely support to them," the JCS said in a press release.

During the training, the Navy troops will establish facilities for the "Logistics Over the Shore" mission designed for the offshore loading and unloading of the ships in coastal areas under a scenario of existing port facilities being unusable due to enemy operations.

The Air Force is to install the "Air Terminal Supply Point" -- a base for the rapid supply of troops and military supplies, and for the transport of injuries and equipment to rear areas. The Army is to build the "Area Distribution Center" -- an installation to provide medical, logistical and other support for combat units.

The JCS said the training is expected to help enhance inter-agency cooperation, as participating personnel from all armed services are to interact closely with one another and incorporate their capabilities for the overall security missions.

Source: Yonhap News Agency