Samsung SDI to showcase BMW, Volvo EVs built with its batteries at Seoul battery show

Samsung SDI Co., a major South Korean battery maker, said Tuesday it will showcase two electric vehicle (EV) models made by BMW and Volvo with its nickel-rich batteries at this week's battery show. On display at InterBattery 2023, due to kick off Wednesday at an exhibition center in southern Seoul, will be the BMW i7 2023, the flagship fully electric sedan, equipped with Samsung SDI's prismatic cells, and the Volvo FM Electric heavy truck, built with its cylindrical batteries, Samsung SDI said in a release. Samsung SDI's prismatic cells tout high energy density by using high-nickel cathode with over 88 percent nickel content and silicon anodes. Samsung SDI also supplies BMW's other EVs, such as the iX and the i4. The cylindrical cells have nickel content of over 91 percent, offering the high energy density required for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. One FM Electric uses about 28,000 units of cylindrical batteries. During the three-day show, Samsung SDI will unveil its key lineup of its latest technologies and applications featuring its battery brand, PRiMX, ranging from the prismatic, cylindrical, pouch and button batteries to EVs, IT and wearable devices, power tools and energy storage system. It will present all solid-state batteries, developed with its unique anode-less lithium cell architecture that replaces the liquid electrolyte with a solid type. Samsung SDI is building a pilot line inside its Suwon research and development center for the solid-state batteries, considered the next-generation cell that aims to significantly reduce fire risks and increase battery life. It plans to start sample production in the second half of this year.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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