The high ranking leader, Kim Jong Eun, held a series of uprisings in order to thoroughly carry out the task presented in this year's New Year, in the science education sector and the People's Economy important industrial sector.

There were discussions following the report in the upsurge groups.

Reporters and panelists emphasized that the New Year's Day of the Distinguished Leader Comrade is a militant banner that allows the country to expand and strengthen its independent development capabilities, opening up a firm outlook for further socialist construction.

In his New Year's Eve, he is proud of his 2018 achievement in the face of harsh economic blockade and sanctions. He is fully aware of the struggle and ways to revolutionize the frontline of socialist construction this year. He said.

The reporters and panelists stressed that all workers, members and workers should hold a new strategic line of the Korean Workers' Party and achieve achievement of the strategic goals of national economic development by self-regeneration and unintended traction.

Source: Korean Central News Agency