Seoul Braces for Frigid Temperatures as Cold Wave Intensifies

SEOUL — The Korean capital is set to experience severe cold on Tuesday as the latest cold wave reaches its peak, plunging temperatures to significant lows.

According to Yonhap News Agency, morning lows on Tuesday are expected to range from minus 18 C to minus 4 C across the country. Seoul will see temperatures drop to minus 14 C, while Cherwon in Gangwon Province will face even colder weather at minus 18 C. The central city of Daejeon is forecasted to experience minus 10 C, and Busan, the southern port city, will have temperatures around minus 7 C.

The KMA further indicated that the day's highest temperatures will vary from minus 9 C to 1 C. This cold snap is also affecting the Winter Youth Olympics, currently being held in Gangneung and other locations. Here, the minimum temperatures on Tuesday are expected to fall between minus 11 C and minus 16 C. While the cold wave is at its peak, the weather agency predicts a gradual rise in temperatures starting Friday, with a return to normal conditions by the weekend. Additionally, sporadic snowfall is forecasted in the central and southwestern regions and on Jeju Island until Thursday.

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