Seoul Conducts Defense Drills with Military and Police

Seoul, South Korea - On Wednesday, the Seoul city government held defense exercises in collaboration with the military and police. These drills were designed to prepare for localized provocations from North Korea and other potential security crises.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Officials reported that this year's exercises included field training for the first time, alongside the usual computer-simulated command post exercises. It is noteworthy that such defense exercises are independently organized by a local government.

The purpose of these exercises, as stated by the officials, was to assess readiness for various security crisis situations. Scenarios such as drone infiltrations and the growing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea were central to the drills. Additionally, the field training exercises simulated terror attacks on major installations in the city.

Mayor Oh Se-hoon, overseeing the exercises, emphasized that security is the foremost priority in public welfare. He committed to continuing the improvement of the cooperative system with all relevant institutions to ensure the safety and security of citizens in Seoul.

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