Seoul Court Sentences Man to Life Imprisonment for Neighbor’s Murder Over Water Leakage Dispute

SEOUL - A Seoul court delivered a life imprisonment sentence to a man found guilty of murdering and then burning the body of his neighbor in a dispute over water leakage.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The Seoul Southern District Court convicted the 40-year-old man, identified only by his surname Jung, for the June 14 murder and subsequent arson in Seoul's Sinjeong-dong. Jung is accused of stabbing to death a woman in her 70s who lived beneath him, and then setting her body and apartment on fire. He also reportedly stole the victim's money for his escape.

The dispute stemmed from a December incident when the victim's children asked Jung to address a water ingress issue between their apartments. The court highlighted that Jung harbored a grudge against the victim, leading to the crime.

While delivering the life sentence, the court noted the suspect's potential for reoffending and his attempt to blame the victim during initial investigations. However, it considered Jung's lack of criminal record and his admission of guilt, determining that the crime was not premeditated.

The victim's family, dissatisfied with the verdict, demanded the death penalty and urged the prosecution to appeal for a harsher sentence. The prosecution had previously sought the death penalty for Jung last month.

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