Seoul Court Sentences Two Men to Life in Prison for Abduction and Murder in Gangnam

SEOUL - A life sentence was handed down by a Seoul court on Wednesday to two men involved in the kidnapping and killing of a woman in downtown Seoul earlier this year.

According to a news release by Yonhap News Agency, Lee Kyeong-woo and Hwang Dae-han, both 36 years old, were convicted for abducting a 48-year-old woman near an apartment building in Gangnam Ward on March 29. They subsequently killed her the next day and buried her body on a hill in Daejeon, approximately 140 kilometers south of Seoul.

The court also revealed that Lee is suspected of arranging the murder on behalf of a couple in conflict with the victim due to a failed cryptocurrency investment. Lee allegedly received 70 million won (US$51,832) for preparations for the murder last year.

While sentencing Lee and Hwang to life in prison, the court imposed eight- and six-year prison terms on the couple involved. The court stated that Lee and Hwang had premeditated and colluded in the murder, but concluded that the couple had not participated to the same extent.

"It's questionable whether Lee and Hwang are repenting for their wrongdoings as they are denying the murder was deliberate and that they were the ones who proposed the crime first," the court noted in its judgment.

Prosecutors had originally demanded the death penalty for all four individuals involved in the case.

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