Seoul Court Suspends Prison Term for Former Green Party Co-Leader on Drug Charges

SEOUL – Kim Ye-won, a former co-leader of the Green Party Korea, received a suspended prison sentence on Wednesday for charges related to marijuana possession and use. The Seoul Western District Court handed down a 1 1/2-year prison term, which is suspended for three years, and ordered her to complete 80 hours of drug addiction treatment programs.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kim was found guilty of smoking marijuana several times between late 2021 and early last year and storing the illegal drug at her residence. The prosecutors in the case had initially sought an unsuspended 1 1/2-year prison sentence for Kim.

This case highlights ongoing legal and societal issues regarding drug use in South Korea, where marijuana possession and consumption remain illegal under current law. The suspended sentence and mandatory treatment program reflect the court's approach to addressing the issue of drug addiction while considering the individual circumstances of the case.

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