Seoul Enhances Radiation Safety Measures at Fisheries Market Amid Fukushima Concerns

SEOUL — In response to growing public unease regarding Japan's discharge of treated radioactive water into the sea, the Seoul city government announced on Monday the installation of two additional radiation detectors at the Garak agriculture and fisheries wholesale market in southern Seoul. These devices are designed to provide precise radiation level readings of products over a three-hour period. This enhancement supplements the market's existing quick testers, which deliver results in one hour, as part of a broader initiative to ensure food safety.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the newly installed hyperpure germanium detectors, known for their HPGe Gamma Ray Spectroscopy capability, are part of the city's commitment to addressing radiation concerns proactively. Plans are also underway to set up a dedicated laboratory for comprehensive radiation analysis, complete with a pretreatment facility and additional staffing of professional inspectors. These inspectors will conduct random sampling of fish and seafood products for radiation level assessments, with any suspicions of excessive radiation leading to further reexaminations by the city's public health research institute. The results of these radiation inspections for marine and processed fishery products will be accessible to consumers in real-time via the city's food safety and information website.

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