Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Announces Opening of Online-Only High School

SEOUL — The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced on Monday the opening of a new online-only high school to support the upcoming high school credit system. This innovative institution, the Seoul Integrated Online School, is set to commence operations in March next year.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the Seoul Integrated Online School will provide high school students access to courses that are not available at their current schools. This initiative comes as South Korea prepares to implement a high school credit system nationwide. The new system will enable students to select subjects based on their career aspirations and individual aptitudes, marking a significant shift in the country's educational approach.

The school will occupy the premises of the soon-to-be-closed Duksoo High School, located in Seoul's Seongdong Ward. Facilities will include 30 online lecture rooms and an additional 10 classrooms designed for hybrid use, accommodating both online and offline learning. Despite the online nature of classes, the Seoul education office has mandated that all examinations be conducted in person.

Furthermore, the school will offer specialized courses catering to students with health issues and those from multicultural backgrounds. These tailored programs aim to ensure inclusive education and support for all students.

The launch of the Seoul Integrated Online School signifies a progressive step in South Korea's education system, aligning with the country's broader goal of fostering a more flexible and student-centered learning environment.

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