Seoul Police Chief Pledges Thorough Investigation Into Fraud Allegations Against Olympic Fencer’s Ex-Fiancée

SEOUL — National Police Agency Commissioner General Yoon Hee-keun announced on Monday a commitment to swiftly and rigorously investigate allegations of fraud involving Jeon Cheong-jo, the former fiancée of Olympic fencing medalist Nam Hyun-hee.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the announcement followed the filing of two criminal complaints against Jeon. Just a week ago, Nam had introduced Jeon as her soon-to-be spouse and as a third-generation member of a family conglomerate. However, Nam decided to end the relationship days later when it was revealed that Jeon was a woman and facing allegations of fraud. Jeon was briefly detained last Thursday on stalking charges.

Currently, the Seoul Songpa Police Station is investigating two complaints against Jeon. She is accused of fraudulently persuading an individual to take out a loan for investment in her business and obtaining 20 million won (US$14,800) from another person under the guise of investing in an app development project.

When asked if an arrest warrant would be sought for Jeon, a police official stated it was too early to determine. The same official said that the complaints also include allegations against Nam, suggesting potential collusion between the two, and that all aspects would be investigated.

Separately, a councilor from Seoul’s Gangseo Ward filed a petition with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency last Saturday, requesting an investigation into whether Nam had received a luxury bag and other gifts from Jeon, indicating a deeper relationship between them.

In a related development, the Seongnam Jungwon Police Station booked Jeon on Monday for allegedly assaulting Nam's nephew multiple times between late August and early last month at her mother’s home in Seongnam, just south of Seoul. The assault allegations involve the use of a golf club against the middle school student, though the reason for these alleged assaults remains unknown.

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