Seoul Police to Deploy Over 1,000 Personnel for Halloween Week in Designated High-Density Areas

SEOUL — Police announced plans on Monday to deploy more than 1,000 personnel to manage high-density alleyways and prevent overcrowding during the upcoming Halloween week. This action comes one year after a tragic crowd crush in Itaewon, which claimed 159 lives.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, safety measures will be implemented from Friday to Tuesday in 16 high-risk locations. These include popular tourist zones such as Itaewon and Hongdae, shopping districts like Myeongdong, and nightlife areas near Konkuk University and Gangnam Station.

A total of 1,260 personnel from 12 police stations and 10 police squads will be deployed on Friday and Saturday when the largest crowds are expected. Vehicles equipped with lighting and broadcast functions will also be set up to make announcements in case the crowds need to disperse.

The agency has identified 16 narrow streets in the Mapo, Yongsan, and Gangnam districts as areas at risk of overcrowding and will undertake specialized management to ensure public safety.

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