Seoul Prosecutors Indict Two Officers in 2022 Itaewon Crowd Crush Case

SEOUL: Two police officers have been indicted by Seoul prosecutors for their roles in the failed response to the 2022 Itaewon crowd crush, which resulted in 159 fatalities. Officials announced the indictments on Monday, marking a significant development in the case.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the indictment comes a year and three months after the tragic incident on October 29, 2022, during a Halloween weekend in Itaewon's entertainment district. The two officers, who were responsible for patrol duties at a precinct station in Itaewon at the time, have been charged with professional negligence resulting in death. They are accused of inadequately responding to 11 emergency calls for police assistance in the crucial hours leading up to the deadly crush.

Additionally, one of the indicted officers faces charges of falsifying records by incorrectly logging a visit to the accident site on the police intranet. These two officers are the final government officials to be indicted in this case, following the referral of 23 individuals by a special police investigation team to the prosecution in January 2023.

In a related development last week, Kim Kwang-ho, the chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, was indicted on similar charges of professional negligence. His indictment marks him as the highest-ranking government official to be held accountable in relation to the Itaewon crowd crush.

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