Seoul Stock Market Closes Lower; Major Companies See Share Price Declines

SEOUL - The Seoul stock market closed with a downward trend, as evidenced by the KOSPI 200 index, with several major companies experiencing declines in their share prices. The closing prices of key firms in various sectors reflected a challenging trading session.

According to Yonhap News Agency, notable companies such as Hyosung, LOTTE, GCH Corp, POSCO Holdings, and DB Insurance witnessed declines in their stock values. Hyosung's shares dropped by 600 won to close at 60,800 won, while LOTTE decreased by 350 won to end at 25,150 won. GCH Corp’s shares fell by 240 won, settling at 15,150 won, and POSCO Holdings experienced a 4,500 won decrease to close at 437,500 won. DB Insurance’s shares went down by 1,700 won, ending the day at 80,100 won.

Other significant companies like Samsung Electronics, NHIS, and GC Corp also faced reductions in their share prices. Samsung Electronics saw a decline of 1,300 won to 72,600 won. NHIS ended at 9,840 won, down by 70 won, while GC Corp dropped by 300 won to 113,500 won. GS E&C and SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD. also reported decreases in their stock values.

However, a few companies bucked the trend with marginal increases. SamaAlum's shares went up by 300 won, closing at 99,400 won, and HANWHA SOLUTIONS saw an increase of 550 won, ending at 37,750 won. Additionally, Daewoong reported a gain of 400 won.

Other notable declines included Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, S-Oil, DL, HANKOOK and COMPANY, KIA CORP., ORION, LG Corp., KG Mobility, POSCO FUTURE M, LOTTE Fine Chem, and HYUNDAI STEEL. These companies saw their share prices drop by varying amounts, reflecting the overall bearish sentiment in the market.

Shinsegae, another major player in the market, also experienced a decline, with its shares dropping by 1,400 won to close at 161,200 won.

The general downward movement in the Seoul stock market highlights the challenges faced by major South Korean companies in a volatile trading environment.

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