Sibling Lugers Prepare for Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon Province

SEOUL, South Korea - In the lead-up to the Winter Youth Olympics, siblings Kim So-yoon and Kim Ha-yoon, teenage lugers from South Korea, are training intensively in Pyeongchang, situated 160 kilometers east of their hometown, Incheon. The siblings, who have transitioned from boxing to luge a few years ago, are now gearing up to represent South Korea in the Winter Youth Olympics, commencing this Friday in Gangwon Province.

According to Yonhap News Agency, So-yoon, 16, and her brother Ha-yoon, 15, have spent most of the past year away from their parents, focusing on their training. So-yoon shared that being away from their parents has been challenging, but the presence of her brother has been a source of comfort and support. Ha-yoon, inspired by watching his sister, considers her a great mentor in the sport. Both have demonstrated remarkable athleticism, which enabled them to join the senior national team in 2022, outperforming older competitors.

At the upcoming Winter Youth Olympics, which welcomes athletes aged 15 to 18, So-yoon aims to finish in the top five, focusing not just on winning but also on promoting Korean culture and ensuring that fellow athletes have a memorable experience in Korea. Ha-yoon expressed his desire for a safe race, emphasizing his hard work and the absence of regrets regardless of the outcome.

The siblings are set to compete at the Alpensia Sliding Centre, the same venue used for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. They believe their extensive training at this venue gives them an advantage over competitors from other countries. So-yoon and Ha-yoon have been studying the track's intricacies, with Ha-yoon gradually becoming more accustomed to its challenges.

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