Significant Developments in North Korea This Week

Pyongyang/Seoul – The following summarizes key developments related to North Korea over the past week.

According to Yonhap News Agency, December 25: The Pontiff emphasized the need for peace in Korea through dialogue in his Christmas message.

December 26: North Korea highlighted its economic achievements ahead of its plenary meeting. South Korea identified followers of North Korea as an 'internal threat' in its military educational materials.

December 27: North Korea held its year-end party meeting with leader Kim Jong-un in attendance. Meanwhile, South Korea imposed sanctions on eight North Korean individuals for their involvement in illicit arms trade and cyber activities.

December 28: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called for intensified war preparations. South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) reported a high probability of North Korean provocations ahead of South Korea's April elections.

December 29: Leader Kim Jong-un invited contributors in the economic sector to New Year's celebrations. Discussions on light industry and the state budget were held at the North Korean party meeting. South Korea's defense chief stated that North Korea's light-water reactor is likely to be fully operational by next summer.

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