The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not big in terms of territory and population. Nevertheless, its socialist system remains stable even in the face of the protracted sanctions and blockade by hostile forces. Rather, the people are making world-startling achievements one after another.

Then what is the secret of this success?

Early in January this year, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited China by train. On his way to Beijing, he inquired in detail about the social and economic situation in the local areas. It seems that he had been thinking a lot about how to provide his people with better living conditions. He told the officials accompanying him to make tireless efforts for the benefit of the people.

During his stay in Beijing, he made time, despite his tight schedule, to visit a famous factory which produces traditional medicines. This was proof of his constant concern about his people's health.

According to the DPRK's newspapers and TV reports, while their leader was on this foreign tour, the people of this country asked frequently about the weather in China. They all hoped it would be clear and sunny during his visit. Everybody thought it natural to work harder in those days. A festive mood prevailed across the country, upon publication of the news that the leader returned and his visit was successful.

A national leader often visits a foreign country. But it is quite surprising that during his foreign trip the Korean leader cared so much about his people and the people missed him so much.

The audiences the world over saw on TV screen how enthusiastically the people were cheering with teary eyes when they met their leader. Kim Jong Un inspects construction sites and other units even under the burning sun, if it is for the people. The leader has boundless love for the people and devotes himself for their interests, and the people have absolute trust in their leader and follow him�this is the reality in the DPRK.

Over recent years the sanctions and blockade against the DPRK were the harshest-ever in history. But in this period the country has developed its defence capabilities to an advanced level. And its economy grew faster: modern buildings and bases for leisure activities have sprung up in larger numbers.

It would be right to say that the harmonious whole of the leader and the people is the driving force behind the DPRK's rapid progress even in the face of unfavourable circumstances.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press