By: Kim Bo-eun

Most single women find time alone “enjoyable and comfortable” (82.6 percent) while 57.1 percent of men find it “lonely and uncomfortable,” according to a survey.

Matchmaking firm Duo surveyed 334 single men and women in their 20s and 30s this month.

Moreover, 62.4 percent of women said they had thought of giving up marriage because they like spending time alone, while this was the case for only 25 percent of men.

Men were found to surf online and play games, engage in hobbies such as biking and exercising, or sleep when they were alone.

Women liked to watch TV and listen to music, engage in “kidult” hobbies such as coloring books and nano blocks, or sleep.

Men and women needed time alone to rest, relieve stress and contemplate.

The largest percentage of men (26.9 percent), however, did not like spending time alone. Other times when they wanted to be with someone was when they saw affectionate couples and families.

Women did not appreciate being alone when they wanted to chat, saw affectionate couples and families or when they were feeling depressed.