Snowstorm Causes Major Disruption to Flights in Jeju

JEJU: A powerful snowstorm has severely disrupted air travel to and from Jeju, South Korea's southern island. The storm, which hit the region on Thursday, led to the cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights, stranding about 7,500 passengers. The Korea Airports Corporation reported that by 10 p.m., 155 flights were canceled, and 190 others were delayed, with one flight forced to return due to the blizzard.

Jeju International Airport is under special weather advisories due to the cold wave. The island has experienced significant snowfall, with up to 20 centimeters accumulating between Wednesday and late Thursday afternoon. Mount Halla, the highest peak on Jeju, recorded a cumulative snowfall of 59.6 centimeters during the same period. Heavy snow is expected to continue across Jeju until Friday.

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